At the foot of the Wolds stands the beautiful market town of Alford.

The peaceful atmosphere, along with beautiful buildings, the fine Five Sailed Windmill, summer jazz festival and regular arts and craft markets, means that a visit to Alford certainly won't disappoint.

For those with a keen interest in history, Alford has plenty to delight. Lose yourself in a trip to Alford Manor House. The house, dating from 1611, is reputed to be the largest thatched manor house in the country and is a perfect example of Georgian and Victorian design. Visitors can also explore the Hackett Barn Museum, which houses over 300 years’ worth of Alford’s historic artefacts.

No trip to Alford is complete without a visit to the Five Sailed Windmill. Considered the finest in England, the windmill is still in use today. Discover how a mill works and how flour is made. The windmill produces a range of organic flours, which can be purchased in the shop and are used in the cakes and treats available in the tea room.

Throughout the year, the town has weekly outdoor markets and in the summer, arts and craft markets. Selling everything from ceramics to chocolates, Alford’s markets certainly have something for everyone.

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